UPS family


UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

The UPS is an equipment for isolating and protecting the loads and the equipment that is connected to its output from the noise and anomalies of the mains / phone line / internet / communication, as well as from atmospheric occurrences and that can cause losses and severe damages not only on the hardware but also on the data and software.

It also bypasses the mains failures, allowing the continuity of the work being done. Being a dynamic equipment, which communicates on a bi-directional way with the network IT systems, allowing a remote, updated, constant and in real time information. Besides the preventive action it also interacts with the user, keeping him informed of the problems, alarms and all other incidents. UPS’s from 400 VA to 4.800 KVA, for any backup time, with all available technologies, including On-Line Double Conversion VFI, with any kind of input/output and all the necessary accessories and optionals available, allowing us to answer to the most demanding and specific technical specification for any kind of application such us IT, laboratorial, industrial, telecommunications, domestic, enterprise, military, etc.

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