Specific partner program designed for IT resellers.
Any IT reseller can take advantage of the innumerable advantages of this program.

Main features of this partner program

Complete technical and sales support for our resellers and partners network, ensuring the total protection of each and every final client, through our partners.


  • Complete range of equipment, for all applications and with the various available technologies, extras and optional accessories.
  • A wide range of available equipment in stock.
  • Quick deliveries, swift logistics and assistance
  • Installation of high power/voltage equipment, with no extra cost for the reseller.
  • Competitive prices and good price margins.
  • Incentives.
  • Ease of payment.
  • Promotional, sales and marketing material made available.
  • Brochures, flyers, posters, corner and counter publicity, etc.
  • Training and support guaranteed

Blue Service

Blue Service is the technical assistance service for the IT reseller or SAT dealer with a dedicated technical support assistance line for this specific market. With personalized assistance and immediate repair or replacement of equipment on-site in case of malfunction, while under warranty. This is done by a personalized accompaniment by certified personnel, to ensure the swift and reliable resolution of any technical issues.