We have available a wide range of stationary batteries, of diverse type and technology, for different applications and fulfilling various specific autonomy and life cycle needs.
This way the costumer can choose between the different technologies available: Lead-acid, AGM ( VRLA ), ventilated, Gel ( VRLA ), lithium, NiCd, etc.

As for application, they can vary from emergency lighting, telephone centrals, medical equipment, photovoltaic, railway equipment, security, home automation, telecommunications, UPS or even electrical substations.
The average life cycle can go from the usual 6 years to 15 years, depending on the battery used.

With nominal voltages from 2,6 to 12 Volts, and nominal capacity that go up to 2.400 Ah that can be combined in diverse manners, parallel or serial, you can choose the needed autonomy time for your needs - ranging from minutes to several hours.
It also can be assembled upon request in a rack cabinet, battery pack or inside the equipment.
Some of the brands we deal with are: Panasonic, CSB, YUASA, MHB among others.

All the batteries we use are certified.

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