Sometimes equipment, loads or systems require single-phase power output despite having a considerable power consumption and needs, while having a three-phase power supply available. In this situation, to promote a better phase and load balance the best solution is to adopt a UPS that has a three-phase input and a single-phase output. The UPS can take advantage of the three-phase power input and ensure that the single-phase loads are supplied with appropriate power, while being insulated and protected from power losses and fluctuations.

We possess a wide number of Three-Phase input, Single-phase output UPSs ranging from 6000 VA to 100 kVA that have all the potential extra options available.
There is the possibility of adding additional battery banks to increase UPS autonomy from 5 min to several hours, with Online double conversion VFI technology and complete insolation, all possible tecnical alternatives are accounted for, to allow for a wider choice for your needs.
Weather in tower, 19" rack mount or convertible tower/rack form, the maximum flexibility is guaranteed in regards to finding a solution for your needs.

Our models are optimised and thoroughly tested and used worldwide. They are the application of vanguard solutions for the UPS market.
Modular Dual 31, Modular RK 31, MasterSystem 31 Green and MasterSystem 31, are some of the three-phase/single-phase models we have available.
A 100% uninterruptible supply of quality energy for your three-phase/single-phase systems, at your service.

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