Single phase


A complete range of single phase input and output UPS from 400 VA to 20 KVA, with all extras and options available.

The offered autonomy can go from 10 min to several hours by adding additional battery banks. There are available models with off-line, interactive or on-line double conversion VFI technology, with perfect isolation and all the alternate possibilities accounted for. This variety allows a wider offer to your specific needs.
Available models in tower, rack-mount or convertible tower/rack, all options configurable for maximum flexibility in finding the perfect solution for your projects.

Our models are optimised and thoroughly tested and used worldwide. They are the application of vanguard solutions for the UPS market.
Easy UPS, Busy UPS, Black UPS, Black Pro, Net UPS, Net Dual,  Enter Plus, Extra, Enterprise, Modular Dual, Modular RK and MasterSystem Green, are some of the single phase models we have available.
A 100% uninterruptible supply of quality energy for your single phase systems, at your service.

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