CISAR Capacitor banks

CISAR Power Factor Capacitor






Power Factor Capacitors and  Banks

Excess consumption of reactive power by the predominantly inductive loads of an installation in businesses, offices, shops, residential buildings, shopping centers or factories, can significantly decrease the input power factor, and at the same time increase the monthly electrical bill.

To resolve this issue, we have a full range of capacitor banks, with different characteristics:
Single or three phase, ranging from 2.5 up to 1250 KVA, with different number of levels and compositions, with or without a main power switch to directly cut all loads, incorporating reactive power regulator, with or without harmonic filters, floor, wall mounted or in cabinets with different levels of protection and in conjunction with a wide variety of options and measurement equipment.

The available range of battery capacitors can be smaller than an A4 sheet, suitable for housing or stores, or as large as needed, with several cabinets for assembly plants and other industries.

Installing CISAR battery capacitors is always a safe bet to reduce costs, provide cleaner energy and have a less polluted main.
For all this, contact us so that we can present you the solution best suited to your real needs.

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