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We provide a full range of voltage stabilizers for the locations where the supply and voltage is very unstable. This allows the balance and stabilization of the supply voltage of the loads and equipment to a nominal value to avoid any disturbance or problem and permit a normal operation.

With a wide power range, from 1000 VA up to 2500 KVA, single-phase or three-phase, tower and rack-mount 19 " models, electronic, fully static or servo motor based, electromechanical, providing voltage regulation by weighted average, or with independent voltage regulation by phase, with or without transformer, with or without bypass, and with innumerable other options available, allowing the choice of the most appropriate power scale for the application in question and the costumer’s real needs.

It is then possible to obtain maximum accuracy in the output of the voltage stabilizer (+/- 0.5%), which supplies the equipment, based on a maximum tolerance window of input voltage, which may be pre-configured by us and can go up to +/- 50%.

We possess voltage stabilizers built for specific applications, manufactured and configured for them, among which we highlight the following: computer, laboratory, industrial, telecommunications, petrol stations, supermarkets. These can also be custom made, according to the specific requirements of each installation and of each specific customer.

Our list of references for this type of equipment is self-explanatory, given the high number of voltage stabilizers already installed, the different applications and maximum power achieved at national and international levels, among which the numerous applications in Angola , Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau.




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