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Insulated Transformers

Our transformers have reinforced insulation and comply with the requirements of the EN 61558 and IEC 60726 regulations, and also comply with the standards NP 2627 or IEC 176, depending on the intended applications. They can be single or three phase.
The main usage for this product is to create isolated networks (IT neutral regime), in places where this is required by regulation and/or necessity.
The galvanic isolation created, ensures complete separation between networks by over hundreds of MΩ.
The calculations done for the purpose of sizing better manufacture our transformers, always take into account all the needed parameters, notably, running on empty, iron and copper loss, increase in temperature, output voltages for various inductive or capacitive loads, power factors and  respective associated phase shifts, etc.

The transformer cores are made of  high quality magnetic plate siliceous iron, cold-rolled and insulated on both sides, manufactured for different settings (EI - UI - 3 IU). The windings are made with wire or enameled copper bars, temperature class F (155 ° C) or H (185ºC). The normally manufactured transformers are cooled by natural circulation of air (convection) in the absence of opposing specifications or special design requirements and are manufactured with insulation to a temperature class of T40 / E which corresponds to the absolute maximum temperature of 120 ° C under room temperature (40 ° C).

The indication of the nominal power refers to the secondary power output of the transformer, considering room temperature to 40 ° C. The support structure is isolated from the transformer core, to ensure class II insulation, in the case of encased transformers IP-23 IP-65.
The protection indexes are applied in compliance to the directives of the IEC-529 NP-999 standards. Most of the transformers are made with a degree of protection IP00, the most suitable for use in control cabinets or other protected sites.

When transformers are placed in boxes with adequate heat dissipation, this index can be converted into IP213 or any other, as defined in the Portuguese standards NP-999.
The transformer must be installed horizontally, supported by the chassis profiles.
The anti-corrosion protection is ensured by a finishing base of lacquer or resin.
The transformers are designed for use in dry locations.
The transformers that are completely encapsulated in resin meet the Class II protection requirements.
The rated power available in this range of products goes from 2 to 800 kVA.

Key features

  • Dry transformers;
  • Three or single-phase;
  • Class I and II;

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