We are a company specialized and fully dedicated to electrical energy and power supply systems, commonly known as “Power Solutions Specialist Provider”.
Thus, all aspects are addressed to a wide range of products, from pre-sales, project and design, marketing, installation, assembly and commissioning, testing, maintenance, preventive maintenance and personalized service, through a technical and commercial team exclusively dedicated to this area, trained and constantly updated, in a dynamic and evolutionary way, through practical training in factories and constant cooperation with universities and other educational institutions throughout the world.

We provide a wide range of products, among which:
UPS 's - Uninterruptible Power Units, batteries, voltage stabilizers, generator sets ( power generation ), condensers batteries for reactive power compensation, Rectifiers, AC / DC Power Supplies for DIN, various converters, Isolation Transformers, surge dischargers and global energy systems,  turnkey, and many other.

We have a wide Reference List of national and international level, covering the sector of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Industry, among others.
The equipment complies perfectly with all European and International Standards, this being a synonym of high quality standards in the products and systems, we distribute and market.