Electrical Contractor Advantages


  • Competitive prices
  • Unique technical specifications
  • Quality equipment with all the necessary certifications
  • Complies with all the Portuguese and European rules and standards

Commercial Policy

  • Sales and Service Network entirely devoted to retail and electrical installers

Tailor Made Budgeting and Execution

  • Tailor made UPS’s and systems 
  • Compliance to any technical specification or Contract Documents
  • All extras and options available allow us to respect the most demanding specifications from any project.

Pre-sales technical counselling and post-sales support   

  • Permanent follow up of the Project managers and Supervising Offices, from the beguining to end
  • Complete technical documentation to support the project managers
  • Installation of high power equipment, if so requested by the electric installer, for industrial and medical (weather it’s a hospital or a lab) applications
  • Complete technical support to the installer 
  • Complete support documentation to the projectors and electrical contractors - Data-Sheets, Budgets, Electrical Contractor Dossiers, installation and operation manuals
  • Preventive and/or Corrective Maintenance Contracts are also available

Technical support 

  • Warranties 100% covered during the warranty period
  • Immediate repair or replacement
  • Custom Post-Sales Assistance
  • Support to any brand of UPS's
  • Free Budgets 


  • To promote the image of the brands and products with project and supervision offices, general contractors, electrical stockists and installers, etc.