New UPS with Super Capacitors


Mastersystem Capacitor

Mastersystem Capacitor is a special UPS that uses capacitors instead of batteries, designed to offer complete protection to your most critical and sensitive loads, guarding them from mains interference and supplying enough energy to compensate for micro-cuts from the mains.
This new type of technology uses Super Capacitors to store energy, not using any of the traditional types of batteries.
The autonomy time depends on the applied load, being enough to supply power until the main returns or the automatic start of a backup generator.
Capacitor based UPS are ideal for installation that perform critical functions, and are sensitive to even the briefest of interruptions (from a few cycles to over a minute).
Since about 87% of all the power failures have durations under 1 second this assumes an even greater importance.
For critical application, an efficient generator set, with a UPS that has a relatively short autonomy time becomes the most effective and efficient solution to maintain the continuous supply of power.
Mastersystem Capacitor offers greater energy efficiency, lower costs and occupies less space than a conventional UPS.
By not needing batteries, the installation time is smaller. As is its monitoring, maintenance and replacement. There's also no need to recycle batteries or even deal with them (since it uses no batteries).
Super capacitors are extremely ecological, offering a wide variety of advantages when compared to more traditional types of UPS.
Compared to regular batteries, which have a life span of 5-7 years or around 200 to 300 charge-discharge cycles, the super capacitor has theoretically an infinite life cycle, which may exceed one million cycles and provide for the same power, a much smaller impact in terms of size and weight, which is about ¼ of a traditional UPS.
The high performance and low heat losses through dissipation are also features worth highlighting, which make this the most suitable equipment for installation in particularly hot or cold environments without the need for any type of extra preparations.
Available from 700 VA to 120 kVA, can be produced to achieve higher power on request.
MasterSystem Capacitor is the most suitable UPS for modern data centers, electro medical and automated industrial process applications, among others.
For all this, ask us for our best budget and be surprised with the new possibilities presented by this new technology.
MasterSystem Capacitor - much more than just a novelty, a revolution in the world of energy...

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