Multi-brand Technical Assistance

Our ability to perform technical assistance, repair and maintenance for UPS, Voltage Stabilizers, Power Factor Capacitors and other power related equipment, of any brand or maker is only possible due to our large knowledge base and accumulated know-how derived of years of experience as well as several international agreements.

If your company possesses several UPS of different make and model, it can be incredibly confusing to perform the usual associated maintenance, conservation and repair operations. We can provide the needed services and resolve this situation with a multi-brand maintenance contract.

As such, the usual tests and verifications, preventive maintenance, repair and corrective actions needed in terms of electronic boards, batteries, parts, components and labor can be executed on-site.

Alternatively you can schedule a single test and survey visit to ensure your UPSs are working appropriately, and receive a final report that will illustrate the state of you equipment.

It's of great importance to be able to have a single technical interface to deal with all the troubles instead of having to contact separately each and every brand.

We possess a wide range of national references, and multi-brand maintenance contract clients in several sectors, among which we count: banking, insurance, institutes, the state, the army, industry, telecommunication, shopping malls, etc.