This is an essential part of the support we provide our customers, and is a point that greatly distinguishes us from the competition.
Dimensioning is a extremely critical point, and can ensure that no irreparable mistakes are performed, and save a large amount of trouble in the installation and operation of the equipment. This gains increasing importance as we deal with larger and more powerful equipment.

Sometimes the costumer is unaware of the average power consumption in its installation.Other times the reseller or installer isn’t prepared to calculate the needed power and autonomy values for UPS and other power systems.

Also, some custom equipment works differently and need to accounted for specifically in the calculations.

With an engineering team with vast experience in this field, using the appropriate applications, consumption tables and several of other tools at our disposal to present the optimum solution in terms of technology, quality and price, as well as available alternatives that fit your specific needs in a quick effective and completely safe manner.

We assume the burden of dimensioning, resolving the issue without the reseller or installer having to worry about it.

In this manner we provide a back-office service for our commercial partners, so that they can focus more in their core business, certain of safety of our work.