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Rectifiers and DC power supply units for DIN rails


We have a tour disposal a wide range of rectifiers, battery modules, charge and discharge control devices, DC power supplies and several other accessories for use in DIN Rails.
As examples we can indicate some of our available products:

  • Modular Rectifier for DIN rail 4
  • Modular Rectifier for DIN rail 7
  • Modular Rectifier for DIN rail with multiple outputs
  • Modular Rectifier for DIN rail mountable on back panels
  • Modular Batteries for DIN rail 7
  • Charge and discharge control devices for DIN rail 4
  • Mini power supply for DIN rail 4
  • Power supply integrated in DIN rails

This equipment is ideal for all usage in all kind of power networks that need to convert AC input to a stabilized DC output. It can be used without additional filters, since it conforms to EMC regulations (electromagnetic compatibility). The switching technology uses a correction factor of active power (PFC), allowing higher outputs and efficiency.
Several rectifiers or power supplies can be installed in parallel or in a redundant configuration. Battery modules can only be used in conjunction with a rectifier if it possesses an integrated battery charger. The rectifiers can be used with a charge/discharge control device, to act as a buffer for the connected batteries.

The switched mini power supply was designed especially for junction boxes.
Different kinds of casings can be used for these products, all compact and rigid to allow the least cluttering. The plastic, fireproofed casing is designed for adequate ventilation of the inner components, maintaining the protection index IP20 against accidental contacts. The aluminium and painted steel casings are designed for adequate ventilation of the inner components, maintaining the protection index IP30 against accidental contacts.
Some fundamental electrical characteristics are:

  • High input tension tolerance;
  • Stable and adjusted AC output ;
  • Output current can be configured for different values;

We have a wide range of extra and optional modules to complement our equipment’s and components and better suit their application in DIN rails.
With a compact and modular design they allow their quick installation in DIN racks, allowing their insertion in residential or industrial switchboards, being ideal for home automation, alarm systems, video surveillance systems, CCTV, alarms, LED systems, AC powered motors, fire detection and suppression systems, electro valves, electronic locks, various sensor applications, etc.



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