Grupos Electrogéneos

Generator sets

CTEL has signed a partnership agreement with several international manufacturers, that allow us to have a wide variety of choices available. From the most basic and fundamental components, its assemblage and design, as well as its optional components and functions which allow a further increment in our offers variety.

We have available a wide range of motors among which , Perkins, Deutz, Lombardini, Iveco, John Deere, Doosan, and many others.
The alternators we use are from Stamford, Meccalte, Sincro, NSM and Zanardi, alowing the perfect regulation of the output voltage for the needed application.
By all these reasons we believe that now it’s really possible to easily design custom generator kits for your specific needs...
Now everything is possible... The rest depends only on you!!
CityPower, a range of reference generators kits and a sure bet for your energy supply...