UPS modulares

Modular UPS

New range of modular UPS available - MasterSystem Evolution!! The new MasterSystem Evolution grows increases and evolves simply by adding new power modules and battery packs. This flexibility allows its easy expansion in terms of power and autonomy, according to the specific and growing power needs of the each client and its loads.

Easy to upgrade -  from a simple paralel setup of power/batery modules, that can be inserted without a need to restart. Even the final user can install them without the need to receive aditional training.

Power and batery modules that are hot-Plug and Hot-Swap capable.

Mod-Power and Mod-Bat

Its easy to obtain the maximum redundancy and reliability since the modules work in paralel and with complete redundancy, at 50% of the total load, the loads are shared by both UPS and distributed by the several power modules, ensuring that in case of malfunction one UPS can assume the full load, and maintain the loads powered with no interruption and whitout interfering with other equipments.

Evolution is the right UPS for your most critical applications, like telecomunications, banking, industry, critical netwrks,central servers, etc.

Evolution, the modular UPS that evolves by modules and is trully unninterruptible…

Evolution the true UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply.