New! City UPS Series

New! City UPS Series

The new City UPS Series has the possibility of having three-phase input and single-phase output on 8KVA and 10KVA.

City UPS Series

This UPS was designed and projected for critical mission systems such as safety and telecommunication devices besides the classical IT systems.

Available on the powers of 5KVA, 6KVA, 8KVA and 10KVA (with single phase input and single phase output) and of 8KVA and 10KVA (with three phase input and single phase output). It uses on-line double conversion VFI technology, where the loads are permanently powered by the inverter which supplies a sinusoidal voltage, filtered and stabilised in terms of form and frequency.

Within the many innovative specifications of this range, we point out:

  • a small footprint for the power offered;
  • a power factor of 1: allowing more real output power (W);
  • the ability to be configured in parallel of 3 units for (2+1) redundant or power parallel system;
  • a 3 level inverter which allows it to achieve 95% efficiency;
  • the availability of a version without any internal batteries, with a powerful controlled battery charger which allows it to achieve longer runtimes.