Millennium BCP distingue CTEL

Millennium BCP distinguishes CTEL

The prize "Cliente Aplauso"(Applause Client) is a distinction that the Bank Millennium BCP awards their financial partners in recognition of innovative business solutions, financial growth and entrepreneurship.


For the tenth year in a row, CTEL was distinguished by the Bank Millennium BCP with the prize  Cliente Aplauso (Applause Client), rewarding once again our financial soundness, economic performance, innovation and entrepreneurship shown during the previous year.
As a result of an adequate technical and commercial policy and through a global strategic management, we were able to effect and strengthen the various partnerships leading to a year of achievements and successes in all the different activity areas.
Our financial strength is also reflected in the financial status of our customers and in the conditions we give them.
The process of internationalization of CTEL has also been broadly achieved, resulting in a wide range of exports to different customers and distributors worldwide.
The involvement and relationship with Millennium BCP resulted in gains for both parties and an increase in business, mirroring the growth of CTEL in different markets.